People were horrified to see this poor dog… Photos


A group of rescuers received a call that a stray dog ​​was suffocating in a jar.

This was no ordinary call. He had to be rescued urgently to survive. The stray dog’s head was stuck in the jar, causing him to choke, unable to eat or drink.

People wanted to help him, but he ran, lying on the ground so he could breathe.

Seeing that the kitten was in pain and not letting themselves be helped, they tried to put it to sleep using a soothing arrow.

After a soothing arrow, he ran down the street. Cars noticed the cub and started making noise.

When people chased him, he was suddenly anesthetized and fell on the street.

Rescuers cautiously approached the dog and pulled out the boiler. The dog was sleeping peacefully

When he woke up, he started hugging his rescuers. She’s fine now. She’s in an animal shelter.

They gave him bread and water. This story has become very popular on the Internet. Many people want to adopt it. He found a new home in a very short time.

The other story is about a stray dog. Stray animals are so eager to find food that it’s not uncommon to stick their heads in a jar, it’s heartbreaking to say the least.

This poor dog had been stuck in a plastic jar with his head stuck for over two weeks.

Rescuers also had to chase him, as he ran away several times. Luckily, he managed to corner the big pitch.

He finally surrendered to the right people, knowing that he had little energy left. They used it specially and took it out of the boiler.

She is now safe and back in their shelter. We are so grateful that both dogs are safe.

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