Pregnant street female dog who was shot 17 times and had her ear cut off is now loved


Over the years we have heard many horrific stories of animal cruelty. One of those stories was Maggie’s story.

He was 5 years old when he was found, he was attached to one of the kiosks in the neighborhood. Seeing him like that was very heartbreaking, but that was the smallest problem of that moment, because it turned out that he had been abused.

There were nearly 17 bullet wounds on his body, which were likely made with a gun, and his ear was cut off. Several bullets blinded him. However, the dog was pregnant.

Luckily, rescuers managed to track him down and bring him quick help by transferring him to a UK fund. They were ready to help the dog so he would be ready for adoption in the future.

Around this time, a girl named Casey found out about Maggie’s story and thought she wanted to help Maggie avoid more bad and cruel days. She was ready to adopt him and bring him home.

The woman was asking for help in Lebanon and another woman living in London decided to help her move the animal from Lebanon. When the dog was fully ready for adoption, he embarked on his journey to join his new permanent family.

No one believed that all was well with the dog and that he could live and be fully loved without eyes or ears.

Casey says Maggie is a wonderful dog, she is active, energetic, she has very bad memories of her old life, but she can never hurt anyone. Maggie has a very kind heart, she likes to follow the girl everywhere.

But now everything is fine, or his bad past, he lives a wonderful life and above all, he is not in danger, he is loved and happy. This story of Maggie proves that anything is possible and that you always have to believe that everything will be fine, even if it seems impossible.

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