They Bring Home A Blind Disabled Pit Bull To Comfort His Cat And They Both Cross The Rainbow


There will never be enough love to comfort someone who loses a loved one forever. This, which is so understandable in humans, also happens to animals, and in an even more intense and devastating way.

That was the drama that cute Oscar, a ginger cat, was going through after his soul brother Dexter, a beautiful and loyal pitbull, crossed the rainbow bridge.

His family knew that he had to take urgent measures to comfort the poor kitten in mourning, otherwise he would die.

Dexter suffered from a serious illness, but despite his condition, he passed away unexpectedly. Which, while it was good for the pitbull because he died a sweet death, didn’t give the kitty time to get ready.

The poor thing was consumed by grief. Without a doubt, he was left with a great void in his life that was really difficult to fill.

Soon, the effects of Dexter’s departure were devastating to the cat’s health. The kitten suffered from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), which was already under control.

But after losing his friend, the disease came back with a vengeance, all because he missed his doggy companion so much and was stressed all the time.

That’s when Oscar’s owners found out about a frail and sick pitbull puppy named Jude.

He was not only blind, but also had spinal deformities.

In an incredible act of mercy, they did not hesitate to adopt him to offer him a better life, while they thought that it would be the best solution to heal Óscar’s broken heart…

And boy were they not wrong!

Before being adopted, Jude lived at the Lennon Legacy Sanctuary. And despite his blindness, he never let anything stop him from living his best life. He loved to play and loved every little animal that crossed his path.

He was a master navigator through life never losing energy or speed.

With his carefree, charming and always-on-the-go personality, it was only a matter of time before the desolate red-haired kitty was forced to notice him!

“When he first came to us, I promised him that his life would matter. And that’s why I like to share it with everyone else. He has been a great healer for our entire family, ”said his owners.

Even though Jude was an absolute fool around other dogs, he somehow knew that depressed little Oscar was in a different kind of pain.

So he not only embraced the cat with his comforting love, but gradually allowed it to break free from the shackles of his overwhelming pain.

It didn’t take long for the duo to develop an indestructible bond. Seeing them together around the house, snuggling, accompanying each other, playing and consoling each other, was the strongest lesson in love that their owners received while on this earth.

«This differently-abled boy’s healing powers and optimistic attitude have certainly infused everyone with a rare perspective on how to live life to the fullest, against all odds!» they wrote, moved.

His family recorded several particularly moving scenes that were shared on the sanctuary’s Instagram account.

It’s hard not to get excited:

But, a year after Jude had mended Oscar’s heart, and transformed the entire life of his family and millions around the world, the poor kitty couldn’t get over his intestinal disease. And he crossed the rainbow bridge at the beginning of 2020.

He was reunited at last with his beloved Dexter. But, he couldn’t leave alone; Sadly, last month, Jude joined him in heaven as well, leaving his family devastated.

In the last few months, Jude had to undergo 2 surgeries, after which he contracted septic peritonitis.

The generalized infection level of him was truly chronic. Since he was suffering too much and therefore antibiotic, neither his tummy nor his immune system would withstand one more surgery, they had to make the terrible decision to put him to sleep so that he could rest in peace.

Fortunately, he left knowing that he was loved and that he was in this world to touch hearts. His owner said his multiple health problems were due to miscegenation and neglect when he was a baby.

“To say that we are devastated is an understatement. Jude was an amazing dog. He was charming, caring, intelligent, funny, he was so inspiring ».

In addition, they decided to cremate his body in an emotional ceremony. And take his ashes home, as a token of gratitude for all he did and meant to them.

Jude, you were one in a million. You have touched the hearts of thousands. May your smile and your legacy live in many hearts forever. We love you sweet boy!», they conclude.

A story that moves to the bottom of the soul from beginning to end. Only those who are forgotten die, and surely Dexter, Óscar and Jude are now friends forever and will remain in the memory and hearts of many.

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