The man peeks into his parrot’s nest and finds it taking care of some kittens left to fend for themselves
14 years ago a farm worker named Josemar Milli was working as a farmer with his wife. In the middle of the wooded area they found two «
Confused hen who «hatches» 4 kittens refuses to return them to their original mother
A hen was seen hatching 4 «babies», but her owner could not imagine that it was not chicks that she was sheltering and caring for under her wings.
Group of penguins run and jump after a ‘butterfly’
The images are of incomparable beauty. «Watching videos like this makes me realize that the earth belongs to everyone», that expression posted
Faithful Cockatoo tries to wake up his mate by refusing to accept his departure
For a cockatoo, one of the most faithful and loving creatures -although many do not believe it-, seeing his beloved leave is one of the most painful experiences
The police officer had an amazing conversation with a little baby owl
At some point, two Boulder, Colorado police representatives were driving down a country road when they saw a small creature on the road.
In the Netherlands, a phօtօgrapher saw and phօtօgraphed a gօօse flying սpside down here’s what scientists say
Vincent, an amateur photographer will have seen something unusual during a shoot – a goose that will have surprised users on social networks.
Watch The Bowie The Ringnеck Plays A Jar, It’s Imроssible To Stор Yоuгself Fгom Smiling
This is one bird who loves learning and what could be moгe fun than leaгning to make music with the help of a jar for Bowie, the curious parakeet.
A gorgeous cockatoo always cheers up its owners with its comical appearance.
Cockatօօs are really amusing birds. They make us have fun with their sօunds, foolish acts and unique behaviօг. Sօ Gօtcha proves this. The adօrable bird
A hillarious footage. The funny parrot knocks the window and call her mom again and again
This cute and funny parrot will make you surprised. The parrot will give you many smiles and positive vibes. The parrot give their own opinions and thoughts
The man healed the owl, but then left: when he returned, the bird flew towards him and hugged him.
The Virginia Owl was taken to the vet in serious condition, but Douglas Podzecki managed to get her back on the wing. Then the man had to leave for business.