Only geniuses can spit out the hidden butterfly in 7 seconds


The image below is a tricky puzzle designed for adults and children as a brain teaser. In this optical illusion, you can see a group of parrots sitting on the branches of a field.

However, inside the group, a butterfly lurks. The puzzle challenges viewers by asking «Find the butterfly among these parrots.»

The trickiest part of this optical illusion is spotting the hidden butterfly inside the birds cluster.

The image left thousands of adults scratching their heads as they tried to find the butterfly hidden inside the image.

The butterfly hides between two parrots on the left side of the image.

It has been claimed that if you manage to identify the butterfly hidden among the parrots inside the picture in just 7 seconds, it could be a sign of your extra-ordinary intelligence.

Studies have found that the more you exercise your brain by solving difficult puzzles, the smarter you tend to be.

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