Group of penguins run and jump after a ‘butterfly’


The images are of incomparable beauty.
«Watching videos like this makes me realize that the earth belongs to everyone», that expression posted by a user of the social network Twitter, describes very well what was taken through the lens of a cameraman. It’s not every day that you have that privilege.

In the images you can see how the birds kept the same speed and direction in order to reach the butterfly. The penguins looked like they were bouncing in a unique and funny way at the same time.

«Penguins and pandas are the funniest animals,» said another commenter on the aforementioned social network. This type of material helps us forget our problems for a few minutes and appreciate the beautiful side of life.

These flightless seabirds are loved for their particular way of being. In addition, they are considered very tender and curious by nature, as has been demonstrated in several videos on the main social networks.

«How beautiful nature is,» said another person who saw the video of the penguins following the butterflies. Being at the right time when these events occur is a privilege that very few manage to experience.

Rockhopper penguins got their common name from their behavior on land: they can slide on their bellies like many penguins do, but to navigate the steep, rocky shorelines of their breeding islands, rockhopper penguins use their feet. and strong, thick-skinned feet,» someone commented on Twitter.

These penguins possess a variety of body languages including bowing, head shaking, and preening. Also, they are very noisy and move in a particular way. Sometimes they arch their heads back making sounds to each other.

 Despite the fact that the images became well known on social networks, there is no exact knowledge of why the video has a short duration, likewise, some users have assured that it is not a butterfly, but simply a feather of the penguins that had been carried by the wind and coincided with the direction of the birds. However, there is no certainty of any version, the only thing we can assure is that the jump of these animals is really touching.

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