You Can Tell by the Face of the Cat Father how He Takes Care of the Baby Kittens


We all know, that parenting is one of the most responsible difficult task in life to accomplish. It can be true about human but it is also true for animals too. Especially for this «Cat Father».

This «Big Cat Family» lives in a small house in countryside. It is said, that the mother of the family died a few months ago because of severe illness and  the whole responsibility is now on the shoulder of the father.

You can clearly understand from the face expression of the cat father how he takes care of the whole family. The owners of the family say, that the cat father does his best for the «kids».

He really gets tired but never shows it to other people. Even though he really gets tired parenting, he never shows it to anyone. It is a task for him, which he carries out with pleasure and full responsibility.

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