The Old Woman and Her Cat Died on the Same Day


The heartbreaking story about the old woman and her car dying on the same day broke the internet and left so many in tears.

Granma Natalie and her husband living in Texas adopted the cat twenty years ago. She visited a lot of shelters and chose exactly this amazing Andry to be her cat.

After some time, the grandfather passed away. Now the cat and grandma were living together. The cat was helping the woman so much and the woman was treating the cat very good.

As the years went, the grandmother became sick and could hardly move. So she was taken to the house of elderly people.

She ordered, that her cat should be with her. Unfortunately, she became so bad she died. When the people came they saw the lying under her feet. They wanted to move the cat, then realized it was dead.

This bond was really beautiful and touching. We should never take the love of pets for granted.

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