Mother says goodbye crying to a pregnant sheep — suddenly screams when she sees what’s in the straw


Anyone lucky enough to be able to witness the miracle of life during childbirth knows that childbirth can seem a little chaotic, it does not always follow a predetermined pattern.

We can try to anticipate the delivery date, but nature decides for itself and we just have to accept it, whether we like it or not. And there’s always a little nervousness and worry, before you know that everything went well.

The same emotions were felt by Amy Hill when Dotty, her 10-year-old sheep, was about to give birth.

There was no sign that anything was wrong, Dotty had been pregnant several times before and had always had healthy puppies.

But this time, at Snowy River Farm, things were going to be different.

At Amy’s farm in Nova Scotia, Canada, they are dedicated to raising animals without using genetically modified feed.

The animals are cared for in an affectionate and ecological way.

Amy Hill has many animals on the farm, but Dotty has always held a special place in her heart as she is Amy’s first sheep.

«He made me love sheep and is my best friend, he means a lot to me,» Amy wrote on Facebook.

When Dotty was pregnant, Amy was thrilled to have new sheep on the farm.

But after a while, Amy realized that something was wrong, her worry turned to fear when one morning she found out that her beloved sheep couldn’t move.

«I went to see the sheep to start my morning chores and found my dear Dotty on her back, her eyes rolling from side to side and she was having trouble breathing, I rushed to her aid and turned her on her stomach and helped her, at the same time I called the vet,» Amy writes on Facebook.

Amy suspected she had preeclampsia, which is more common in animals that give birth to several pups at once.

Previously, Dotty had given birth to two puppies, this time everything had gone well, but this birth turned into a nightmare.

Amy went to get some necessary medicine to give Dotty, but she could only wait.

Unfortunately, Dotty was motionless and nothing in his belly moved.

Amy was about to give up and was about to say goodbye to Dotty and the unborn lambs, there wasn’t much else she could do, she was going to take some time until the vet arrived.

«The thought of having to slaughter him had haunted me for a long time, we gave him one last shot in hopes of triggering labor and getting the lambs out, I checked Dotty several times but nothing happened,» says Amy.
Amy was on the verge of losing hope, focusing solely on Dotty’s care and comfort in her final moments, but everything changed.

As he approached the sheep, he could see something moving in the straw.

He started counting the little ones… One, two, three… four!

Four cute, still wet little sheep lay next to Dotty, active, healthy and hungry.

«It gave me chills, I’m not going to lie, I cried for half an hour when I found them this morning, the relief of still having my girlfriend with us and that she blessed us with four little lambs (three males and one female), is a feeling of immense happiness,» says Amy.

And as for Dotty, she received a lot of praise and deserves to retire with this brave act, Amy says it was her last birth.

Dotty now deserves a quiet life on his farm, with his puppies.

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