Donkey in a hammock asks his humans to rock him back and forth until he falls asleep


Leon is a young donkey who lives with his beloved family in Guyana, Brazil. But for all intents and purposes, he really has a dog’s soul.

She wags her tail when she is happy and loves to be petted by children. However, it is his sincere passion for hammocks that makes him so special.

Every day, Leo needs religious help in the hammock for a comfortable sleep.

He gently curled up on the «swivel sofa» and asked his sisters to rock him here and there while he slept. What a dear, honey.

In the video below, we see Leon happily relaxing while his sister gently swings him into a hammock. His eyes gradually become drowsy as he looks gratefully at his people with a lazy smile.

The way those delicious innocent eyes fly when he rubs his belly is priceless. What a stupid charm!

Because of the land, Leo looks forward to fun adventures every day. It can be said that this is an absolutely loved creature, who lives better with his beloved family.

Donkeys have worked tirelessly for generations for the good of the people, and we are happy that they are finally treating them as they deserve.

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