The Adorable Moment of the Golden Retriever Kissing the Dolphin


The doggies are the most loving, caring and friendly animals. They are the best match, if you want to make long lasting and true friendship with.

Dogs make friends with other animals too and that is way too adorable and cute. When the owners of the golden retriever took the doggie with them to a ship trip and the dog did not find himself alone and bored. 

He saw the dolphin long before and wanted to make good friends with him. The dolphin itself was very friendly and loving to the doggie. We all know about their pure and loving heart too.

The owner told later, that if they could they would take the dolphin with them to their house, because they were amazed at how their doggie fell in love with the wonderful creature and did not want to let it go.

Love and friendship know no limits and boundaries.

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