A small elephant was rescued from a Thai camp and had a new life


Little Chaba was born in a cаmp of elephаnts in Thailand, where elephаnts are used for public entertainment. For years, his mother showed tricks, rode a bike to exhaustion, and Chabu would have suffered a similar fate without the nice people on his way.

A small elephant named Chaba was born in an elephant camp in Thailand. Sа mother performed every day to the delight of the public, showing tricks. All this entertainment was exhausting for the animal. Chabu suffered the same fate, but at the right time his life changed.

When the Save Elephant Foundation’s rescue team learned of Chaba’s story, they couldn’t remain indifferent. When they arrived there, they saw the mother and the beard in a small concrete enclosure – at the same time the mother was chained to the bars of the cage.

The team probably decided to help Csaba and her mother. Soon they transported the couple to their reserve – there, the mother and the be bé began to live in a spacious aviary, where they received everything they needed.

Now Chaba and his mother are completely safe, they are cared for and loved with all their heart. Thank you to the kind people for having them uvés!

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