The young man sold all he had moved to Africa to live with wild animals


This young man, named Jack, lived all his life in Europe. He has travelled all his life mainly in Europe and enjoyed life fully. However, he could always feel that there was some empty hole in his heart.

One day he decided to sell all his property, bought a ticket to Africa and moved there. After a while, it became clear, that he wanted to live among wild animals. As he told to one of the famous wildlife magazines, it was his dream to live in the wildlife.

Now he has a huge group of friends made of wild animals, as lion, elephants, etc. He is very famous now, and considers himself a successful man, because he made his dream come true.

His family members were in shock knowing what Jack was doing in the jungles of Africa. He was petting lions as if they were his closest friends. However, it was exactly like that. All the lions were in love with him.

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