The Black Magic Horse Celebrates 30th Anniversary


Animals become part of our life, when we go through life with them, play with them, feed them love and take care of them. After some time, we cannot imagine lives without them.

The same goes with this black beauty horse Jannie, who turned 30 years on April 25. The black beauty lived a life full of adventure, love and caring.

If the horse was not properly taken care of, she would be probably one of the horses tied in a ranch and used for other purposes.

Thank to the wonderful owner, the horse now feels safe, loved and taken care of. The owner of the horse, as reported to the magazine, says that this black beauty had such a full life.

The horse even played roles in movies, because of her amazing beauty and  grace, no eye would fail to admire her beauty. The celebration of her birthday was something, she was grateful to her wonderful owner.

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