The Lioness Was Rescued from Circus and Freed in Africa


Animals come from the wild and should stay in the wild for the rest of their entire lifetime. And this should become acceptable for everyone.

There are people who exploit the animals for their financial and other purposes, use the animals and make them suffer.

The same case was with this lioness, who was taken from the wild to the circus and was trained to give performance in front of many people.

This is very difficult for animals, since they are used to wildlife and freedom and when they are being treated like this, something bad will happen to them.

In the circus, the lioness was harshly trained, the trainers crushed her toes. She was subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment and as a result to all this, she was taken to hospital.

The veterinarians were shocked seeing the condition of the lioness. They did their best to heal the lioness and after a short period of time, the lioness was freed in wildlife again, where she belongs.

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