Emotional Moment of a Baby Deer Holding Her Mom Hoping She will Breath


Everyday the rescuers come up with heartwarming and heart touching stories of animals, which go viral on the web and touch the hearts of millions of people.

This story left the rescuers in tears, as the baby deer was too emotional about the loss of her mother and it totally broke her heart too.

The rescuers receive a called stating, that a scare deer was holding the body of her mom and did not want to let her go. As the rescue team arrived, they soon detected that the deer mom was already dead.

Lately it was detected, that the deer mom was heavily hit by a car and died at place.

The baby deer was feeling it so deeply it could not accept the reality and holding her mom she was hoping that maybe her mom is still alive and will stand.

This scene deeply moved the hearts of the rescuers and left them in tears, since they could feel the pain and sense of lose of the deer to her mom.

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