This Baby Seal Waves at the Camera and Melts the Photographer


Mother nature and wildlife keep us amazed every day. We can’t stop admiring all the beauty that nature has to offer us.

The wildlife is something different and so many things happen inside that will shock us. However, due to photographer, some event are becoming visible to our eyes.

The photos of the amazing seal were taken a talented photographer on his way to expedition. This time he managed to photograph a baby seal, who stole the hearts of many.

The seal was lying on the beach and enjoying his relaxing time, while watching the ice melting and it was captured on the camera.

The baby seal was amazed when he saw a cameraman and all it could do was to wave the cameraman. The cameraman was in a good contact with the seal.

Right at the moment, the seal rose his hand to greet the cameraman. The cameraman was laughing and at the same time was doing his amazing job.

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