Watch the Huge Lion Hugging and Cuddling with Visitors


Lions are the kings of the whole life and you could get the feeling that it would scare everyone off, not only other animals, but also humans too.

This group of tourists went to safari to see the wildlife and especially lions. Some of the people were feeling scared of the big cat. To their big surprise the lion was very friendly and loving.

People in the safari were shocked, when the lion came nearer to the people and started cuddling and hugging them. It was going near people and sitting on their laps.

There were many people in the car, adults, children and now everyone were feeling very friendly to the king of the animals.

Now, they were telling the tour guides, that they don’t want to leave the safari.

The lion made the day of the visitors unforgettable and once-in-a-lifetime-experience. It takes a bold man to stand next to a lion.

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