Watch the Happiest Donkey Smile after Rescue


Last Monday, a donkey was found in the flood waters. A member of the rowing club rescued the dog and saved his life.

It is reported that the animal ran from the stable, when the gates were damaged by flood waters.

After a while, the donkey was found in a field trapped in the flood waters.

After seeing the donkey, a group of rescuers from the shelter immediately rushed to rescue the donkey from the mud waters. As the donkey was already pulled out of the dirty waters, the whole rescue team was waiting to see the donkey.

He was immediately washed, was given food. When he was satisfied with what the rescue team offered him, all the rescue team members could see the donkey smiling so big, that he made everyone smile with him.



The rescuers said, that never before they had seen such a face as the donkey had at the moment it was saved.

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