The «Superwoman» Duck was Captured Crossing the River with Her 50 Babies


We all know that women are naturally strong and even stronger when they already have kids. The same saying will go with the animals too.

Mother animals intuitively become protective and defensive when it come to rescuing or helping their kids. They will put all their effort and love for their children.

The photographer captured this hero mother helping their «kids» to cross the lake. It was an emotional and historic moment for him, since he said he went to capture the surrounding then noticed the big family passing.

He said, that he could feel how protective and caring the Mom of the ducks was. Truly concentrated and following each of the ducks crossing the lake.

It was one of the rare and once-in-a-lifetime experience for the photographer. As he says it is magic to witness the moment and to understand that all living creatures have special feeling when it comes to their «kids».

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