What Would you Do Seeing So Many Eagles Around you?


Eagles are considered one of the most prominent symbols in many countries for different purposes. They fly very high and it is nearly impossible to see them from a close distance.

However, if you ever happen to see them from a close distance, then you could consider yourself as a lucky man, since it is a very rare thing.

There is special place in one of the largest cities, where you could find more than five hundred eagles in one place. It sounds insane, doesn’t it? They come near the port to find pray.

There is a place near the port, which is rich with seafood and they discovered this place for their food. And also fishermen usually leave food for the eagles.

There are also passers-by, who stop to admire the beauty of these amazingly powerful animals. One of the fisherman says, that he usually come near the port just to leave for the eagles and admired them from afar.

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