Tiger is Finally Free after Long Time of Suffering


How many times have you heard that animals should be kept in the wild? Probably for so many times, that the first thing you listen about wild animals is that are free only in the wildlife.

The tiger Mela has been kept under control for more then ten years. He has been kept in cage under control for many purposes.

He has been kept mainly for breeding purposes. While, at the same time was tortured, abused and humiliated. He was merely given water.

Unfortunately, currently a lot of countries lack the relevant legislation and laws, which regulate animal rights and their protection.

Due to this lack, a lot animals are being endangered. However, thanks to the local animal rescue group, it was possible to free the tiger and send him into the wild, where it belongs.

The tiger was provided relevant medical care and support, so that he could feel himself complete after going to where it belongs: his forever home wildlife.

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