The Polar Bear Mother Plays With Her Baby for the First Time


One of the purest and beautiful scenes in life is witnessing mother animals playing with their babies. A wildlife photographer was lucky enough the play of a Polar Bear Mother and her baby.

The photographer took some amazing footages of how the mother polar bear is playing with her «kid» for the first time after his birth in the snow.

It is said, that it is the second time, that the Polar Bear is becoming a Mother. And it was incredibly amazing to see the duo play and have fun in the snow.

During the first three months of their lives, the baby polar bears are considered very helpless and need some outside help and protection.

From this perspective, a mother can be of a great help. We can clearly see, how adorable and enjoying the baby is. He is examining the surroundings and having a look where the best suitable place for him can be.

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