The Foxes Refuse to Go Back into Wild Because of Their Kind Owner


The animal stories are always stunning and beautiful, that sometimes we feel we have to dig deeper and deeper what else is left for to discover and learn.

This story goes about an amazing man and animal lover, who has been petting animals for most of his lifetime. He is known for his kind and caring nature for animals.

As it is known among the population of small Irish town, the man named James found two foxes from a forest, when they were newborn babies.

The man took the foxes with him to his house and kept them with other animals. They got so used to their owner and other animal, since they were taken good care of.

The intention of the man was that he would keep the foxes until they are big enough and then he will release them into wild.

When that day came, the man took them to forest to release them. However, to his surprise the foxes came back to the house of their owner after one day.

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