A Bear Saying Hello to a Woman


You will melt, when you see how a bear waves hello to a woman. He is mostly surprised realizing what kind of reaction he got from the woman.

A woman was travelling in the USA through the fields and farms.

She had a special mission of doing some documentary photoshoots in the nearby area for publishing it in her blog.

When the car was going through the fields, she suddenly saw a bear. She was very surprised and overwhelmed by this scene.

The car stopped and she was kind of starting to communicate with the bear. She raised her hand and was imitating talking to the bear.

To her biggest surprise, the bear raised his hand and kind of waved a hello to the woman. She was so overwhelmed by this action of the bear, she could hardly resist and started to scream.

The moment was so beautiful and real, it got viral on the internet.

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