The whole world is trying to solve this suggestive children’s puzzle and find the target. ask yourself too


I wonder if you can solve this puzzle and find the rabbit in the picture. Sometimes the simplest thing at first glance is difficult. And the difficult is actually simple.

Not so long ago, someone from the expatriates of the USSR published on the Internet a puzzle from a Soviet book for children.

What was the publisher’s surprise when people wrote that there was no rabbit in the picture?

This is one of the easiest puzzles. People who grew up in the USSR will be able to find the rabbit without difficulty. But the rest will have to think a bit before they find that enigmatic rabbit.

Did you manage to find the rabbit yet?

There is indeed a rabbit in the picture. The story goes like this. The young people went skiing. Suddenly, a rabbit jumps at their feet and runs away.

The young people chased the rabbit, but could not find it anywhere. However, the rabbit was very close to them, one might say, right under their noses. Here he is.

Many people struggle to find it. remember this is a book intended for children. Note that the hare turns white in winter.

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