These are the predictions that Baba Vanga gave for 2023. Will they happen?


Angelia Pandeva Dimitrova, better known as Baba Vanga, was an alleged seer originally from Bulgaria, whose prophecies still interest some curious people, even 25 years after her death, in 1996.

People remember Baba Vanga as a mystical woman, herbalist and as a supposed clairvoyant.

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Many point out that he predicted events such as the sinking of the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk, the 2004 tsunami, the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States, the attacks of September 11 or the covid-19 virus, according to the American media. ‘The Huffington Post’.

Her followers claim that this Bulgarian ‘psychic’ was able to communicate with the dead and had more than one vision of the future. Of course, there are several predictions that she made for this 2022.

What you need to know about the seer Baba Vanga
The woman would have lost her vision after being hit by a tornado that dragged her to a field near her house. She was later found with her eyes covered in sand and dust, which caused her great pain.

It was the last time she saw sunlight, but it would also be her turning point in her life, since she claimed that from that moment she began to have her ‘mystical powers’.

It should be noted that not all the visions of this clairvoyant have been fulfilled, although there are several that have left more than one open-mouthed.

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In the same way, her predictions are not written down, since she was illiterate and, therefore, there are different versions of her predictions, which leads many to question her ‘prophecies’ of her, he explains. the Argentine newspaper ‘Clarín’.

She was also considered the ‘official oracle’ of the communist government of the extinct Soviet Union and, therefore, there are those who claim that Baba Vanga «was manipulated by the secret services, which provided her with information in order to give her clairvoyances more credibility.» , indicates the aforementioned medium.

The unfortunate events of the coming year
The fortune teller left a list of events that end in the year 5079 when, according to her, it will be the end of humanity.

Baba Vanga is one of the most recognized seers of recent years.

She discovers the five prophecies of the seer for 2022, of which only time and facts will deny or not.

A deadly virus will appear
This first prophecy for the coming year is quite discouraging. According to ‘Clarín’, researchers will discover a lethal virus frozen in Siberia (in eastern Russia), due to the effects of global warming and the melting of glaciers.

«Even those who escape (from natural disasters) will die of a horrible disease,» Baba Vanga was quoted as saying.

The seer’s followers believe that, if it is not covid-19, there may be a new pandemic caused by another virus, similar to Bill Gates’s prediction of a possible new pandemic threat caused by bioterrorism.

According to Vanga, there will be a new virus that will take us by surprise.

A plague of locusts
Another of Vanga’s predictions is related to India. The seer predicted drought in this country and temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius, which is why plagues of locusts will attack crops, says the aforementioned media.
Supposedly, India will be attacked by a plague of locusts.

Natural disasters
According to the fortune teller, in 2022 there will be major natural disasters: strong earthquakes and tsunamis.

The Bulgarian allegedly envisioned that several Asian countries and Australia will be affected by major flooding.

This prediction is similar to Vanga’s 2004 prediction about a tsunami in Indonesia, indicates ‘Clarín’, but it is not known if such an episode will happen again.

The famous Bulgarian fortune teller Vanga died almost a quarter of a century ago, but her predictions continue to come true. She «saw» a pandemic that covered the entire world in 2020 and many other events.

Vanga has predictions for 2023. They are all impressive.

First, one of the world powers will test a very dangerous weapon, supposedly bacteriological.

Secondly, the strongest solar storm in recent centuries awaits us.

And third (as if the first two weren’t enough), Earth’s orbit will change. And if this happens, weapons can no longer be tested…

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