Intellectual test: Can you spot 4 differences in 13 seconds?


Two similar images are placed side by side but differ from each other. Spot 4 differences in 13 seconds.

Even though the images will look similar there will be differences between them that you need to find out by looking at them closely.

What makes the game more fun is the time allotted to players to complete the challenge. This increases the level of competition and makes the game more entertaining.

Are you a good observer?allenge to test your observation skills and intelligence level.

The above image shows a forest with trees, flowers, and mushrooms.

Even though both images look similar there are several differences between them. Precisely there are 4 differences that you have to spot within 13 seconds.

Individuals trying to solve the puzzle should carefully examine the differences in the images.

Have you observed some differences?

While some of the differences can be easily identified, others can be missed out in a hurry.

Be quick, the time is running out!

Observe both images and continue making notes of the differences so that you can check the solution at the end of the article.

These types of games help in boosting your concentration and attentiveness

Only excellent observers can identify all the differences within the allotted time.

Hurry up, the clock is ticking

We are counting the last few seconds.

And the time’s up.

How many of you were able to identify the differences between the two images?

We assume that most of you successfully observed the differences.

However, those who weren’t able to identify can check the solution provided below.

You must be curious to see the differences, here they are.

Spot the Difference — Solution
The following are the differences between the two images

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