A very sad story. The pօօr dօg was lying mօtionless in the street fօr a few days.


A very sad story. The poor dog was lying motionless in the street for a few days. The poor guy was helpless.

He was in a lot of pain and had nothing to eat. Passers-by did not help. He was very tired, and could not move. He thought it was time to leave the world.

But one day a kind-hearted man noticed the dog and took him to the vet. Her spine was broken and had many wounds. The vet did an operation.

That was the cause the dog couldn’t go. After the operation the dog began to recover. But he needed care.

Every day his new master did a leg massage his muscles recover and move again. Now he is very happy.

Despite all the difficulties, the dog tried to enjoy his new life.

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