An unfortunate homeless dog in the garbage gave people a paw because he hoped for help


Like people, dogs have different characters and destinies. Berta was noble. A large, hairy mongrel took several decrepit brothers under her wing. When they arrived at the volunteer entrance at the appointed time, Berta let them eat first. OUR editors tell the story of a friendly dog who finally got lucky.

not at all, they lashed the passers-by with freezing rain. Berta, judging by her color, a shepherd’s mix, with soft, curly hair and a fluffy tail, every afternoon waited for her benefactor at her entrance.

Stray animals were not welcome in her microdistrict. It was believed that throwing food away was better than feeding stray dogs.

Despite the impressive appearance, very affectionate. Seeing a girl, she took off and hastened to “hug”. Tenderness sessions that she was willing to last for hours.

The volunteer’s plans were to gradually incorporate the entire canine company, but there were few places in the shelter and they were always occupied.

The only thing the girl could do to help was food and a little caress for Berta. The old men, wise in the hard life of a dog, although they showed joy at the meeting, did not come close to change when, one morning, Berta announced her arrival to the girl with a loud bark. When she came out with a serving of sweets, her heart sank with pity. The dog looked completely miserable.

Her wet fur was clogged with snowballs and ice, and she herself was ankle-deep in an icy puddle.) The girl realized that she could no longer leave the dog on the street.

She feverishly searched for a way to persuade Bertha to enter by her entrance by which she was always thrown out of it. The volunteer did not have a suitable collar, and she did not know how to convince a thirty-kilo dog to follow her

Berta resolved her doubts, looked attentively at her benefactor, as if hoping that she would finally be invited to visit. One had only to point to the door, the mongrel happily slipped inside and calmly sat down on the carpet at the door of the desired apartment. Berta tried very hard to please the girl’s mother, she performed the simple “Give me a paw” trick with no problem.

As a reward, the dog demanded affection, closing its eyes in pleasure as it was scratched behind its ears.) This time Bertha, exhausted from affection and warmth, did not even reach for her bowls. They dried her of snow and dirt and let her sit on a plaid-covered sofa. Tired and completely happy dog fell asleep, hugging the first toy in life from him.

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