Puppy ended up on the street for its non-standard color


Once, in a public dedicated to animals, someone denounced a puppy that had gotten into the street. The author wrote that the dog hid under the bench and was very afraid.

Natalia read about it, and despite the late hour of the day, she decided to take action to save the puppy. The woman spent half the night walking around the area hoping to find a dog. All attempts were in vain.

The public administrator also decided to help in the search. He took her dog Alice with her, who found the pet by scent of her. The dog also sat under the bench and was afraid to go out, he was very small and shivered from the cold and wind.)

He managed to attract treats. The coloring actually turned out to be unusual, the cub resembled a hyena. Natalya named the pet Jack and took him away due to overexposure.*) Jack lives in an apartment with three bulldogs, the relationship between them is not bad.

I would like to hope that the pup finds a family very soon.

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