Monty has spent seven years in a kennel and still no one wants to adopt him


At a rescue center in Edenbridge, England, Monty has truly been called one of the «most overlooked dogs in the country.» For the past 7 of his eight years, Monty has truly spent his life in a rescue. The staff at Opportunity Pet Rescue can’t understand why Monty still hasn’t found his forever home.

For the entire first year of Monty’s life, he was kept in a small cage. When he came to the rescue, he was hunched over and had confidence issues due to the mistreatment and neglect he had suffered so early in his life. Unfortunately, Monty receives little interest from potential adopters.

«Poor Monty has a hunched back, which the vets think is because his previous owners kept him in too small a cage for too long. That’s why he has trust issues, so he would need someone to teach him that not everything the world behaves badly ”, says its description in the reception list.

Monty likes to focus and snuggle with the rescue group, but he didn’t mess with the other animals before. Instead, he barked as he pulled toward them. However, by going to the shelter, he can now comfortably walk next to them and also not bark.

”Monty really just wants a loving owner, he doesn’t want to share and can become very jealous, which can cause him to be aggressive. He doesn’t get along with any type of animal and barks and pulls at them, so he has to wear a muzzle in public places. Unfortunately, he gets so distressed that he kicks his legs when he tries to catch up with other dogs, so his new owner must be pretty solid.

However, since going to Last Chance Monty can currently calmly walk around with a pet dog in sight, as well as not bark or beat his legs, but this will certainly take time to achieve in his new home.”

Monty would certainly do better in a kennel with no other pet dogs and with someone who can continue training him. He is an energetic dog, as he likes to run and also go after tennis balls – he just doesn’t throw them back.

” The reason why we have had Monty with us for so long is that he is not a very easy companion dog, but we are sure that there may be someone out there who you can call your own and who also loves you for what you are , a somewhat wronged scoundrel! So to sum it up we are looking for an adult only, bachelor residence with no other pets, great deals on persistence, love, yard and also rounds of tennis!

It would take a lot of visits to hang out with him before we take him in, so someone not too far from us would be great (unless you like constant long drives!) If you think you might be the «human» of Monty, give us a call, we’d love to talk to you.»

Please share Monty’s story with your friends, family and contacts on social media. We’ve helped domestic dogs with much more difficult problems find their dream homes – we know Monty’s new home is somewhere and they’ve been waiting for this adorable pooch.

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