The veterinarian built a whole town for dogs with real houses


A Polish vet has long dreamed of building a village for dogs where they would feel at home.

He recently fulfilled his dream and became famous all over the world!

The animal houses were so comfortable that even a person could live in them. Tidy wooden houses, which are painted in bright colors, stand in a row.

Inside there are soft beds, heating, underfloor heating, electricity and even the Internet. In such “booths” both dogs and people feel comfortable. It’s hard to believe that this is the most ordinary animal shelter.

The shelter was built on the initiative of the veterinarian Radoslav Fedachinsky. He cares wholeheartedly about his work and always did his best to keep the pets well.

He then drew up a project and 7 houses out of the 40 planned have already been built, in comfortable conditions, but also with the ability to adapt to a new environment. It will be much easier for the pet to get used to the house when it joins the family. Also, it will make it easier for shelter workers to carry out their duties.

Just imagine how awesome it would be if in the future all homeless shelters and animals looked like this. In this case, all fluffies who do not have a family would have a chance to have a decent existence.

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