A girl helped a 60-gram kitten to become a beautiful cat with her own efforts


Premature kitten stories often end very badly. They rarely survive, are very weak, and are at high risk of contracting some type of infection. They need more heat and care. It is not uncommon for digestive problems to make them gain weight badly.

Furthermore, the lack of fur makes them completely defenseless. Babies can’t even hold their heads up on their own and grow much more slowly than their full-term counterparts.

But once there was a post on Facebook about a premature kitten who had been abandoned by her mother cat and needed care and attention. A girl named Debbie Timmis was not afraid of the responsibility and she decided to help the baby.

She understood that the cat had no chance, but she was willing to do anything to help her.

The girl needed help, because when she saw the kitten she weighed… 60 grams and she didn’t have any hair on her skin. The vets had warned Debbie that the kitten might not survive, but what happened next shocked her.

Her breathing became labored, his tongue turned white, and his skin was an unknown color.

The girl tried to give the kitten a cardiac massage and it was as if she had revived. For the next six months, the girl fed the baby every two hours.

Also, the baby had worms and an eye infection. The treatment was problematic but it gave results. After that, the kitten began to gain weight.

The girl named the growing kitten Freya. Little Freya is so curious that she explores everything around her and purrs loudly.

Debbie chose that name for her kitty for a reason. Ella is the name of the goddess of love and beauty in Norse mythology. And there is probably no better name for such a strong and beautiful girl!

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