What to do if a dog attacks?


Finding yourself in a situation where one dog attacks another can be a very unpleasant time. Unfortunately, these things often happen, and sometimes more times than we imagine. This possibility is part of the daily life of dog tutors. Even if the dog is well behaved and does not suffer from reactivity problems, it can always be the victim. For this reason, it is important to know what to do if a dog attacks.

On the other hand, even if you know how to deal with these types of circumstances, the ideal is to be able to prevent and avoid them. If your dog has behavior problems and is aggressive towards other animals, it is your responsibility to control it. Do you think you would know what to do if a dog attacked another dog? We tell you!

What to do if a dog attacks your dog?
Above all, the fundamental point is not to panic. This would only make the situation worse and your dog would probably end up in a worse state. Trying to stay calm is key for everything to come to fruition. First of all, do not try to separate the animals by pulling with your bare hands. If you do this, two things could happen:

May you be the one who ends up badly injured.
May your dog do much more damage if the attacker has not released it yet.
The first thing to do is to take a certain distance and, from the security that this provides, make some noise that can attract the attention of the dogs, such as a clap or whistle.

Likewise, you can call your dog and hope that the guardian of the attacking dog will do the same. He tries not to yell or meet the other dog’s eyes, as he may feel more threatened and make the attack worse.

You may have heard that one way to stop a dogfight is to pick up the attacker by his hind legs to throw him off balance. This could take effect if the attacker hasn’t gotten a good grip on the victim, but if he is well attached, he will only increase the aggressiveness and refuse even more to let go.

In the same way, hitting, hitting or attacking the attacking dog will also make it more aggressive and more reluctant to stop its attack.

Even if it costs, the only way to separate two dogs is through distraction. Quickly, once the dog lets go, separate both animals and move them as far as possible. After this, collect the data of the tutor to be able to take the appropriate legal measures.

Then take your dog to the vet without delay to have him examined and his wounds treated. Furthermore, the problem with bites is not the physical damage itself, but the possible infections that can develop.

Two dogs fighting.
What if your dog is the attacker?
When it is your dog that attacks, it is very normal to feel helpless and ashamed. You should try to get out of that thought and stop your pet as soon as possible. As in the previous case, the essential thing is to remain calm, otherwise your dog could become more enraged.

You should also stand back and try to cause a distraction or call your pet. Sometimes throwing something big and heavy (like your coat) on your dog can work to distract him so the other can run away.

Once you get him to let go, you must manage to hold him so that he does not attack again. In the event that he was not on a leash, you need to manage to put it on. It may be too dangerous to try to introduce it through the neck, because the animal is agitated and could direct its aggression towards you. For this reason, you can make a loop with the leash around the dog’s waist and, in this way, stop his advance.

After this, take your dog to another place where he will not see his victim. Likewise, try to give assistance to the injured dog in addition to providing your information to his guardian, so that he can contact you later.

What to do if a dog attacks?
Next time, take precautions
Having a dog and, in general, any pet, implies a great responsibility, since not only its health and well-being will depend on you, but also the possible damage that it may cause to other people or pets.

Before having a dog, it is highly recommended that you read and find out about the typical behaviors that dogs carry out before an attack, that is, their body language. This could save you from many unpleasant situations.

Lastly, if you know your dog is attacking or is likely to attack, take preventative measures:

Always walk on a leash and never let him loose in public places.
Use a good muzzle that allows your pet to breathe and perspire. Cloth ones are not recommended.
Go to a canine educator to help improve your pet’s behavior.
Stopping a dog when he attacks is very difficult and dangerous. The ideal is to look for all means to prevent these situations from occurring.

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