Grace itself: Frederick the Great is the most beautiful stallion on the planet


Frederik belongs to the breed of Frisian horses. They are remarkable in that they have incredible shiny black fur.

Also note the tail and mane – a miracle, and only

This breed comes from the Netherlands. But before, his ancestors were scattered throughout Western Europe.

Friezes are incredibly clever, they are easy to form.

Frederick has been called the most beautiful horse in the world, and you can see why.

Especially everyone highlights his mane. In fact, we really want to caress him.

A fascinating sight, because this horse, in addition to everything, is also very funny.

She has won numerous awards not only for her appearance, but also for participating in various competitions. Amazing horse, beautiful and elegant.

Matherly Kelly is a photographer, she was so impressed by the beauty of the horse that she took many pictures that we are looking for now, and they spread all over the internet.

A magnificent horse, whose existence is even hard to believe

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