An abandoned dog wandered the streets and no one needed it. Until a certain point


Animals often suffer from people, their irresponsibility and cruelty. Some owners took their pet outside.

So that the dog could not find its way home, it was decided to send the baby to a remote area of ​​the city of Kursk, which was located in the forest zone.

At first, the animal walked the streets in search of a home. The residents began to feed the dog, they named her Squirrel.

Local stray dogs immediately took a dislike to the poor guy, the dog had to fend off attacks located on the premises of the plant. The dog was constantly dirty with oil, which covered the details of the ruin. Pretty soon the wool fell off and stuck

People tried to cope with the mats, but nothing helped once the volunteers found out about the bitch.
They took her to a specialist, who put the bitch in order.

The new owners took over the clean, well-trimmed dog. Now Belochka lives in a new and cozy house where she receives love and care.

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