Do you know what happens when your kitty cries real tears?


It is not very common to see a cat with tears in its eyes. But, although it is not impossible, we must be alert to know what it is about and act at the moment.
Do you know what happens when your kitty cries real tears?

Over time, we have discovered that cats meow to communicate with their owners. It is a type of communication that they developed exclusively to interact with humans and make them aware of their needs.

Have you noticed that your cat chases you with small meows to indicate that he is hungry? Just like this one, there are many examples of kittens that repeatedly try to get the attention of their owners. However, your cat starting to shed tears might not be one of those situations.

We must be attentive to this unusual tearing because it could indicate 3 possible scenarios. Don’t worry, we’ll explain them to you so you know what to do if your kitten suddenly starts crying.

Can cats cry like humans?

We might think that, like humans, cats cry to express some emotion. However, the cat’s tear duct is designed so that its drip is nasal, that is, the tears are drained through the nose and not through the eyes as in the case of people.

That is why if your kitty has eye watering, it could be due to any of these situations:

Have some dirt in the eye: kittens can’t clean their eyes like us humans. That is why, when a particle of dust enters it, its little eyes begin to secrete tears in order to get rid of the discomfort. If your kitten’s tear is clear and crystalline, it may be due to dirt, but you should be alert because if it lasts for several days you should go to the vet.

Blocked tear duct: when your cat has constant tearing, it may be because the internal drainage (through which its tears are expelled through the nose) is obstructed.

This could indicate an infection such as conjunctivitis, injuries from fighting with other cats, or perhaps an ingrown eyelash. In these cases, you should immediately go to the veterinarian since keeping the tearing for too long would cause excess moisture in the facial area, leaving it prone to more infections.

Allergy or cold: if your kitten’s tears are yellowish, they may be due to an infectious flu condition that your pet is going through. You must be treated urgently as the infection could cause you to lose your vision.

Now you are ready to face any situation with your cat. Remember that kittens cry through their meows, if she starts shedding tears, you know what to do!

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