Elena Huelva dies after four years of hard battle with cancer


The Sevillian died at the age of 20 Elena suffered from Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare type of cancer. His family, friends and millions of followers mourn his death

The whole of Spain mourns the death of Elena Huelva, the young woman who dedicated the last four years of her life to making the fight against cancer visible on social networks.

The Sevillian woman suffered from Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare disease that affects bone coverage and statistically tends to appear more in children and adolescents, as was unfortunately the case with her.

It was her sister Emi who published a photograph of Elena, always smiling, on which she wrote: «Since this morning, Elena has been dancing and watching you from her star.» Elena herself worried all her followers yesterday after posting a tweet that sounded like a farewell:

«I love you…» And, although this morning, also in her own handwriting, the influencer said that it was only a «big scare» and that I kept fighting, in the end, the cancer was stronger.

Death of Elena Huelva: what is Ewing’s
sarcoma Elena Huelva’s father posts another disturbing image of his daughter Emilia Huelva dedicates some moving words to his sister Elena

«Since this morning, Elena has been dancing and watching you with her star»

In early December 2022, Elena announced through a video, the video she «never wanted to record» that her disease had developed and spread to her trachea, so the prognosis of her life expectancy was increasingly poor.

Thanks to the radiotherapy treatment, he was able to improve enough to leave the hospital and spend Christmas in his favorite place: his house, his room, his bed; where he could lie down with his dog, Nora.

Thus, Elena spent the holidays surrounded by her loved ones, her family, who were her great support during a difficult year when everything began to deteriorate. Before starting his seventh cycle of chemotherapy, his strength begins to weaken:

The fall of red blood cells, the constant need for blood transfusions, the application of morphine to relieve pain… condemn it to an infinity of entries and exits. of the hospital, a hospital that ended up being exhausting.

Elena Huelva won the Elle’s Hope Awards

Thanks to her irresistible #désir and advances in medicine, the influencer was able to start a new course of chemotherapy that she had to abandon after a few days because it did not work. Her doctors changed the type of treatment and gave her two types of chemotherapy at the same time, but soon Elena began to have double vision.

All these complications led to a very complicated situation, until cancer caused his death. Her mother and father, as well as her inseparable sister, Emi, held her hand to the end, conveying to her all the love with which Elena felt she had «beaten» the disease, despite the sad ending.

The great wave of affection he received, both from his friends, famous and anonymous, and from his millions of followers, was a balm for his heart, mind and body, which now rest in peace.

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