He defends him from some aggressive dogs that wanted to attack him and decides to take him in as his son.


There are friendly relationships in the world that teach us great lessons, but what sometimes happens between little animals of different species is really “zoorprendente”.

They are true bonds of love, who do not know of discrimination or petty interests; real friendships that make no difference, no matter how different their appearance may be; where the only thing that prevails is solidarity, respect, and the desire to help the most helpless.

This protective little monkey and a puppy that was welcomed as his own when he needed it most, in the town of Erode, India, know plenty of that.

The residents were stunned with what they witnessed between this adorable pair of friends.

Monkey Adopts Puppy 9

The scenes of companionship and camaraderie between the canine and the macaque were so moving that even different local media spread them widely on social networks.

The monkey, without anyone telling him, seems to have taken his role as adoptive father of the little puppy very seriously, he cares for and protects him as such, and never abandons him.

It all started when one day the monkey could see that the puppy was facing great danger in the middle of a street brawl with other dogs much larger and more aggressive than him.

It was then that the monkey bravely decided to defend him by driving the dogs away, and from that moment on, he never left his side, ensuring that nothing bad ever happened to him.

Thus, what began with a simple act of solidarity with his street companion, became the noblest act of paternity and with a totally different species.

Immediately, he began to father him by getting food to feed him. But those who witnessed all those scenes were speechless when they saw that he barely got some food, he wouldn’t rest easy until he saw the puppy eat first.

In addition, while the puppy ate, the little monkey would make sure that no other stray dog would hang around bothering him or trying to steal his food.

Only afterwards would he eat the monkey if he had anything left over… It’s admirable!

The people of Erode could not stop being moved by the scenes and together they began to feed them in pairs, becoming a true family between humans, monkeys and dogs, who helped each other through thick and thin.

The residents of the place reported how the monkey and the dog accompanied each other morning and night. After satiating their empty stomach, they could be seen taking long naps curled up, and at night, enjoying a starry sky and cool breeze.

They could also be seen going out together on great adventures through nature, where the macaque carried it as if it were his baby to breastfeed his «new son» in front of the other specimens of his species.

Undoubtedly, they have unknowingly given the world the most powerful lesson in solidarity and selfless love. Be sure to share this exemplary story with your loved ones.

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