Dog refuses to listen to his parents’ photo session and the result is incredible


It is no secret to anyone that puppies, despite receiving certain training, often end up doing what they want, no matter what they do or how they do it, they have an incredible ability to conquer our hearts.

Bernie is an adorable bulldog puppy, since he arrived home his family quickly discovered that sleeping and having fun was what he liked to do the spoiled furry.

The puppy was adopted when he was two years old.

Since Bernie arrived in his new home, his human parents treated him like a member of the family, being present at every important step the young couple takes. His parents recently got married, of course the family photos could not be missing, but the adorable furry decided to make the most important day for his parents a day full of fun.

Naughty Bernie refused to pose.

On the wedding day, the couple decided to leave the puppy at home. Bernie has a habit of sitting at the feet of his mother, Rebecca Simpson, and they knew the adorable fluffball wouldn’t hold back and he’d run off to pose on the dress. After the ceremony, they invited the puppy to be part of those memories that would stay forever.

Lindsey Horne at The Edgemont Garden made sure everything looked perfect.

Everything looked perfect, the wedding took place at Brown Mountain Beach Resort, in North Carolina. Jillian Knight, through her lens, was responsible for capturing such magical moments.

The family was together, however, Bernie’s behavior when he saw his parents was pure emotion, it was almost impossible to capture a photo of the puppy looking at the camera.

It didn’t matter how many times they told him to stay put, he just wanted to play.

It seems that the adorable furry did not like the idea of posing at all, instead he decided to have fun and surround his parents with happy movements. In this regard, Simpson points out:

“He ran towards us when he saw us and someone had to pick him up to stop him from covering my dress with sand and water. We asked him to sit down, but in typical bullgog fashion, he was just concentrating on what he wanted to do.»

For the puppy, the most important thing was to play in the water and cover himself with sand, so the photographer only told his parents to keep laughing and pose. In the end, the result was much better than they expected. Some dream photos that not even the most perfect pose would have achieved.

Rebecca Simpson along with her husband Charlie Hart and Bernie are the perfect triad of happiness.

The couple was so focused on the antics of their little ball of fur that they hadn’t noticed that all the guests were enjoying such a beautiful scene. The 120 guests ended up in love with Bernie, they just expected to have fun with him at the reception.

After all Bernie ended up sitting at the feet of Rebecca and her husband.

The day culminated with a happily married couple, but we think Bernie was even happier to belong to a family that loves him so much and gives him a special role on such an important day.

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