Confused hen who «hatches» 4 kittens refuses to return them to their original mother


A hen was seen hatching 4 «babies», but her owner could not imagine that it was not chicks that she was sheltering and caring for under her wings. They were nothing less than kittens and the dilemma with the real mother of the kittens caused quite a stir.

In the entire animal world, including humans, the maternal instinct acts in a very strong way and not even biological barriers stop that instinct from flourishing.

On a farm where different types of animals are cared for, from large ones such as cows, to small cats and chickens, a very peculiar case of maternal instinct occurred.

The hen lovingly brooded 4 foreign kittens

The farmer entered his barn and saw one of his hens warming her nest with her chicks inside, the farmer saw it completely normal because hens not only heat their nest to incubate their eggs, but also several weeks after they are born. to keep them warm.

The hen seemed to hatch her chicks

It all got a little weird and quite extraordinary when the farmer heard the chicks start to make little meows, and that’s when he discovered that the chicks were actually four little kittens.

The supposed chicks were actually about 4 sweet feline balls of fur

To explain the situation a bit, the owner of all these cute animals tells that one of the cats on the farm decided to give birth to her four little kittens in the hen’s nest while she was gone.

The real mother was a farm cat.

The funny thing about the story begins when the hen returns to her nest and meets these cute kittens, for whom she mysteriously immediately felt a deep love, so she decided to sit on them to keep them warm and not get cold. .

She understood that they were defenseless creatures who needed her more than ever even though she was not their mother.

Such was the level of maternal love that the hen had that she did not allow the mother cat to go near her kittens again, even the farmer tried to intervene and get the hen away from the little ones but this foster mother seemed to go crazy if they took her away their little ones.

Her new babies seemed to be what she loved the most and she was not willing to give them back.

After a while, the hen managed to calm down a bit and agreed to share the little ones with her original mother, but for her to feed and clean them, nothing more.

With the passage of time, the hen had her own chicks and she seemed to leave in the past that incredible attachment to the kittens that were not hers. Apparently, she only needed a few little ones to whom to give all her love.

The farmer reports that all the kittens, as well as his mother, the hen, and the new chicks, are doing well.

They are all growing very healthy and strong.

It is comforting to see how the maternal instinct of animals works when seeing some small baby animals apparently «abandoned», like the example of this chicken.

In the video below we can see the moment when another hen, like the mother in this story, was discovered «brooding» other people’s offspring:

This story reminds us that love knows no limits, and when we feel this very special feeling, we don’t think twice to give love and care to different creatures regardless of the color of their skin, whether they have feathers or scales, beaks or snouts, or how many legs they have.

The maternal instinct in animals is one of the most beautiful things there is. How much we still have to learn!

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