Video. Little kitten imitates his human lover when he receives caresses


Cats never cease to amaze humans. This can be properly said once a little pussycat was observed on social networks loving his human friend. Apparently the little cat was imitating the behavior of his human companion.

As a species, cats display a flexible social system. They can live singly or in groups if there are enough resources. But what is rarely seen is that they respond quickly even to social stimulation such as a caress.

The ideal age for kittens to socialize and adapt to humans is between 2 and 7 weeks old. Some kitties may manifest long-term developmental effects. Although in the case of the protagonist of this story, his development has been within a human family nucleus.

During the kittens’ socialization period it is recommended that they have physical contact with at least four different people. In this way, the perception that humans are not dangerous is imbued in them, facilitating the appropriate affective exchange.

In the aforementioned video, the girl sat on her furniture, ready to rest and took a few minutes to record herself on her cell phone. Meanwhile, the kitten kept meowing to get the attention of his human.

She reached over to give her pet a reassuring pet. What she did not imagine is that she would have a very peculiar response from her cat. The pussycat did not hesitate to return this sweet action to its owner, also giving her a caress that would go down to posterity.

The video achieved millions of views on social media. It will never go out of style to show love for a creature that all you need is understanding and affection.

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