Video. A small dog was using a boot as shelter before a man found the puppy thrown in the litter and rescued him


A man named Goran Marinkovich still feeds homeless and stray dogs.

Once, while doing his daily feeding, he noticed a weak and very small dog. He was thrown away like a litter.

When the man saw the dog, it was lying desperately near a boot.

It looked like a useless thing thrown away and looked so sick.

Unfortunately, he lived in the place where there was only garbage surrounding him. As the man understood, the dog used

the shoe as a cover for him in bad weather.

The dog was thin and obviously had health issues.

The dog was properly fed and brought to the man’s home and taken to a vet.

The vet examined the poor dog and gave instructions, then the dog was taken to the man’s home.

Goran gave the dog a name. The puppy was named Smesten and was introduced to the other dogs because the man had other dogs.

The pup was well fed and received accurate nutrition. After 6 months, the dog lived a healthy and happy life.

He was not afraid of being left alone.

Here is the touching and chilling video of the stray dog:

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