Man stops in the middle of the road to help a puppy


Its former owner would have left it on the side of the road.
Brandon Turnbow is a motorcyclist and musician by profession, whose life took an unexpected turn. As he was going down the road, he witnessed a dog being left behind by a man. He was surprised by the scene, but he didn’t sit idly by.

Brandon was going to share with his father, but on the way he sees a car stop, he also stopped his motorcycle thinking that he might need help. But what he couldn’t believe was that, inside was the driver treating a furry in a negative way, then he lowered it and left it there.

It was something Brandon couldn’t ignore, so without thinking too much about it in his head, he picked up the animal and climbed up with him. He was very scared, possibly he thought that this motorist would also want to treat him in a negative way, but that never crossed Brandon’s mind.

To begin with, Brandon decided to call him Mr. Davidson, after leaving together on the motorcycle, they did not immediately go to the motorcyclist’s father’s house. He thought it best to take him for a walk while he managed to forget about the unfortunate moment.

This motorcyclist was moved by what he saw, he could not believe that there are people who are not in the least interested in the bad experiences that an animal like this can cause. But fortunately for Mr. Davidson, Brandon arrived at just the right time.

He was convinced that if he ignored what had happened and continued on his way, this unfortunate animal would leave this world, either due to lack of food or drink. So, after assigning him the aforementioned name, he put him on his motorcycle.

They spent the day together on the road and then Brandon set out to meet his father, as he had anticipated, when he saw his son arrive in the company of this friend, he could not help but be surprised. He was very happy that Brandon would no longer be alone, neither at home nor on the road.

At the end of the day they went home together, Brandon making sure that Mr. Davidson would forget the negative memories caused by his previous owner. Once home, Brandon stayed with his new adventure partner.

When Brandon sees the tranquility that Mr. Davidson feels when they are together, he expresses the following: «Well it seems that my co-pilot has found peace and found the pillow.» There is no doubt that this dog rewrote the story of his life, because he expected a different ending.

At home, Mr. Davidson is super happy in the company of his friend Brandon. He sleeps peacefully between two very soft pillows, waiting for the next adventure that they will both have on the road. He couldn’t have found someone better for him.

In addition, this man has composed a melody to his beloved dog which was published on YouTube.

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