The homeless man warms up a small abandoned chihuahua wrapped with a cloth. He was crying


Once Angel Janes returning home sees a homeless man sitting by the side of the highway. At first she didn’t pay attention to him, but a bit late she saw something at his knees.

When Angel realizes what it is, she is surprised. She has never seen a phenomenon like this. He was warming a little abandoned Chihuahua wrapped in a cloth.

Impressed Angel approaches this general man and talks to him. This man asked her to take this dog home and take care of him, because he needed a good home.

He said he found the dog dumped on the highway. To help Angel put up a statement on the Internet to find a new owner. For a long time it didn’t work.

But finally we find a woman named Kathleen Dallman. She takes this poor baby and promises to take care of him. The man was very moved, he could not hold back his tears.

He understood that he had done a good deed: he had found a home for this poor being.

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