Puppy takes care of missing special boy and watches over him until rescuers arrive


They both have a very special relationship.
José Muñoz is a 5-year-old boy who got lost without the members of his house noticing. After a while, he was seen near the train tracks. The concern of his parents grew because, because he has a special condition, he is not very aware of the risks to which he may be exposed.

Fortunately, the search work began immediately, a German shepherd dog who lived with the family anticipated them. The dog found the little boy before authorities did.

Dogs usually develop a very strong bond with the children in the house where they live, to the point that they become their caregivers. It is certain that if they are under their care nothing negative will happen to them, because they take their role very seriously.

That is why the news of the German shepherd who safeguarded the child spread quickly through the media. According to the information given by them, little José moved away from home almost imperceptibly and without realizing it was already on the road.

He is a child with a special condition and, therefore, with a greater risk of being affected. Several witnesses managed to see him in the vicinity of the train tracks in north Houston. Immediately, his family reported to the authorities, to which the agency acted with the urgency of the case.

To the surprise of the officials involved in the search, before they arrived at the site, his dog had already located it. In fact, from the first moment the boy began to walk away from his house, the canine followed him, never leaving him alone for a moment.

The official Ricardo Salas, commented to the media: «The dog knew that he had to go with him because he was doing something that he was not supposed to do.» In addition, he assured that both were in perfect condition at the time they were found.

The boy’s sister said that this dog has always been special with José: “he has always been a very overprotective dog since we got him (…) I was not surprised when they said that he was walking with him all the time“.

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