Dog sees a woman and runs to her to ask her to take her home


She was alone in the station and she approached the woman.
In an area next to a gas station in the Ukrainian nation, lives a cute little dog. Those who know her say that she is approximately two years old, since she was little she has lived there waiting to find a home.

She usually approaches everyone who is going to refuel, greets them affectionately and moves her body as a sign of friendship. Of her She is very friendly of her, they have even already posted several videos of her on the networks. Luckily for her, several of these were seen by the founder of the Love Furry friends animal sanctuary.

Most people understand that when these animals are homeless and wander aimlessly, there are many dangers they face. Unless someone takes pity on them and places them in an adoption program or just puts them in a home where they can live.

The dog longed for affection, therefore, she looked for it in everything that she arrived at the station. So she was full of manifestations of kindness towards whoever greeted her or gave her something to eat. Although she was very grateful, what she eagerly expected from her was someone who, in addition to caressing her, would take her home.

Her story broke in a series of videos and images of her waving to everyone at the gas station. To her joy, such images were seen by the right person. The woman who would fulfill her wish to be adopted, and that she was the founder of an animal sanctuary.

The audiovisual material shows the very friendly dog and with her happy tail greeting everyone, something that moved more than one, including the woman who would turn the life of this canine around. Therefore, he made preparations to go to the gas station and meet her.

For women, devoting time to this activity is something very familiar. She has always done something in favor of animals living on the streets, so she spares no effort or resources when it comes to doing what is in her power to welcome them in the right place for them.

She undertook her journey until she reached the station. Upon her arrival, her employees gave her a report on the dog’s situation, including her need for a home. There was no doubt that she needed immediate help, so she let him see her reaction on their first meeting with her.

The animal ran up and greeted her effusively, so he put her in her car and they went straight to the vet for an evaluation of her physical condition, which was satisfactory. She even groomed her hair. Her name from that day on would be Linda.

She would no longer be on the street, she quickly adapted to her new and comfortable home where she would not lack love and care.

At the moment she is in the sanctuary, it remains to be seen if she will stay there for a long time or someone else will fall in love with her, to take her to her permanent home.

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