90-year-old man is very happy when he is allowed to adopt a dog


Both needed company, they complemented each other perfectly
Grandparents and puppies are the perfect complement to mutually enjoy the best company. Friends with these characteristics have been known to be inseparable. For example, the story of Joao Reinato, a 90-year-old grandfather from Dois Corregos, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He longed for the companionship of an animal, and on a recent trip he took he saw a female dog at the local shelter and without a second thought he adopted her. Joao’s son tells local media outlet G1: «Suddenly, he saw Mila and then everything changed. It seemed that all his life they had been waiting for this moment. The end of the story? It’s easy: they will surely be friends forever.

For Joao, his age is not an impediment to taking care of a pet. He sees in her an unconditional friend, who accompanies him at all times, takes care of him and makes sure that nothing bad happens to her. It will not happen to him like many who have complained about not adopting a pet in the twilight of life.

Ironically, there are those who have a pet at home, and do not provide them with the care and protection that they deserve. Luckily for Mila, Joao not only loves her as a pet, but as her loyal and unconditional friend. For her part, she receives all the attention that Joao can give her.

For Don Joao, it is not the first time that he has an animal, since he already had the company of his dog, whose name is Pipoca. So, Mila would arrive to be this dog’s adventure companion. That is why the grandfather decided to go to the shelter in the company of his son, there they met Mila.

His son, who is also called Joao, says about his father: “He loves dogs. The meeting with Mila was love at first sight. As he repeated ‘Mila, Mila, Mila,’ she looked at him fondly.» So it’s not hard to understand why they get along so well, even with Pipoca.

As a product of his advanced age, he has developed hearing difficulties, despite this, he is more willing to love these two dogs than for him, they are more than just pets. Joao Jr. recounts: “Even though Pipoca has already eaten his headphones, he doesn’t let anyone mess with the dogs. He has a passion for animals.»

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