A puppy suddenly arrives uninvited to a family gathering, until his collar is read.


A puppy that sneaked into a family gathering of strangers didn’t count on the fact that they would soon discover what his collar was hiding.

And it is that, the canines are specialists in achieving what they propose, for this they often use their charms and their mischief to deceive people. But, we can’t blame them, they just want the attention they deserve.

Fortunately, there are animals in the world and we can enjoy them, especially the adorable puppies, who are beings that by nature exude tenderness, love and funny occurrences that never cease to amaze us.

This is a very special story, it is about a brown puppy full of sweetness and a great weakness for food.

His smell and his hunger ended up betraying him and making him the protagonist of the funniest episode.

Leslie Kowash, from Georgia, was lucky to get an unexpected visit from this pup while she was at a family reunion.

“We were in the patio of our cabin. We had a big table full of delicious southern food,” Leslie said.

This overweight pup appeared out of nowhere and entered without asking for permission as if he were one of the guests, but he really was a stranger to everyone in attendance.

However, that was not a problem for him, as he soon gained everyone’s attention at the uninvited family gathering.

The puppy appeared out of nowhere uninvited
Although Leslie and her family were surprised by the curious presence of this pup, they gave him the warmest of welcomes.

Fortunately, he had no problem relating to the rest of the people and pets that were in the place.

This little dog did not have any objection to accepting pampering and affection, just as he did not reject the delicious southern food, and it is that later the purpose of his unexpected visit was revealed.

The most delicious delicacies were about to be served, the little dog was not wrong when he arrived unexpectedly

The true reason for his participation in the family reunion soon became clear after discovering the message engraved on the necklace he was wearing.

And it is that, the beautiful puppy had gone to the meeting to look for free food and enjoy the different snacks without anyone controlling him.

But what this furry friend didn’t know is that his owners, who knew his weakness for food, found a way to warn the rest of the world about his particular interest in food.

The legend of his necklace ended up giving him away immediately

When Leslie checked his necklace, she couldn’t contain his surprise after reading a curious message that was engraved on it:

«Please don’t feed me, I’m getting too big, send me home.»

«Luckily for this pup not everyone read the message on the collar, and he got some treats from other people,» added Leslie.

Neither short nor lazy, once he saw that the people were collecting the food he left the way he presumably entered to look for another party.

«Once we started cleaning up, he must have thought he wasn’t going to get much more, by the time I realized he was already gone from the house.»

He did not hesitate to retreat to find another naive family that would fall for his game.

Although we do not know the end, it is presumed that the puppy returned to his house, as is his custom, where he will be controlled with his diet.

We hope that in the future he will continue to meet friendly neighbors and from time to time, he will continue to give us funny anecdotes.

Although his owners know his weakness and try to warn him, this furry friend really knows that he does not go unnoticed at parties and can get what he wants. How no to love him!

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